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Gift Cards are great way to share the Cuban food goodness. Treat someone to the experience! Victor's 1959 Cafe Gift Cards are available in any denomination. Stop in and pick up a few!

OR, do you live out of town?? Want to buy a gift card for a friend here in Minneapolis? ?  Just call us and we'll hook you up...

Shirts & Hats and more!  We have a great variety of t-shirts, aprons and hats available to extend your Victor's 1959 Cafe experience and to share as gifts. 
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Mugs                                              $12 each  

12-oz bag of Victor's 1959 blend  $14.25            
fair trade coffee beans

Guava jam                                     $7.95 a can                                                 

Victor's 1959 Cafe Specialty Sauces

Now you can enjoy the same great flavors of Victor’s 1959 Café at home! Use the sauces to cook with your favorite meats or seafood, mix with rices or pastas, serve with eggs, dress salads, marinate meats and seafood or serve hot or cold for dipping. The possibilities are endless! Ask your server for 12 or 16 oz. sizes.

creole copy.jpg

Creole Sauce A great Cuban sauce that’s very versatile. Our signature blend of a traditional Cuban recipe is about as authentic as it gets. Cubans use it with so many different recipes that it’s good to always have some on hand! It’s a savory, flavorful tomato-based sauce, not spicy, just full of great flavor and perfect for cooking with meats, seafood, eggs, rices, or pastas. The sky’s the limit!  


mojo copy.jpg

MOjO Sauce This is a very traditional Cuban sauce. The beauty is… you can use it for traditional Cuban dishes like a marinade for roasted pork, OR, try it with steaks or chicken for a citrusy, garlicky delight. Use it on the grill with seafood! It will brighten any rice or pasta dish and will even delight your senses on a salad!  


bbq love copy.jpg

BBQ “Love” Sauce Who doesn’t love BBQ?? This recipe is only used at Victor’s 1959 Café and everyone loves it so much that we just started calling it “love”…. Could you use a little love in your life? Throw some of this on the BBQ or serve it with pulled pork, chicken, steak, seafood… you just can’t go wrong! Careful though, while it’s not on fire, it does have some nice heat. We’re sharing the love!  

mango-garlic copy.jpg

Mango-Garlic Vinaigrette This is the only salad dressing served at Victor’s 1959 Café and it’s our very own recipe. Go crazy, make yourself any type of salad using the simplest to the most exotic ingredients you can think of. This dressing will be the finishing touch that will rock your world! It’s so good, you might want to marinate some chicken or seafood in this too (we happen to know it’s great with Salmon). 

cocktail copy.jpg

Shrimp Cocktail Sauce Another sauce exclusively used at Victor’s 1959 Café, and everyone wants to take some home! Now you can too. We have customers who use this on just about everything. Truly, gotta have this whether you use it for shrimp or other delectables, it’s to die for! This one packs a punch of heat in just the right way. And it’s not just for shrimp cocktail. We serve this with our Coconut Shrimp at the Café.  


Victor's 1959 Cafe Authentic Cuban Sauces

Victor's 1959 Cafe Authentic Cuban Sauces

Try them all!