Glossary of Terms


Glossary of Terms

Yuca Frita – Yuca is a root vegetable from the Cassava family.  It’s texture is similar to a potato, but it’s more dense.  We par-boil the yuca, then cut it into pieces kind of like the size of steak fries, fry them up and top with our Mojo Sauce. 

Mojo Sauce – is a really citrusy and garlicky delicious sauce.  The ingredients are lime juice, garlic, red onions and a splash of olive oil.  Pronounced  mo-ho.

Platanos Maduros – are fried sweet plantains.  In the banana family but a little bigger and denser than regular bananas.  These are the plantains after they’ve ripened and gotten sweet, delish, and all natural sweetness.

Tostones – are fried green plantains. The same plantains as mentioned above, but these are prepared while the plantain is still green – before it has ripened and gotten sweet.  So the end result is a golden, crispy savory plantain that we serve with our Mojo Sauce.

Criollo – is the Spanish word for Creole.  On our menu it’s often used to refer to the Spanish influence in Cuban cooking.

Bistec – Steak

Creole Sauce – is a tomato based red sauce that is savory, has big flavor but is not spicy.

Lechon Asado – Roasted Pork

Encebollado – smothered in onions

Camarones – Shrimp

Frijoles Negros – Black Beans