Wine List


 Wine List



Sip our Whites…

HOUSE WHITE  Tempranillo Blanco, Protocolo, Spain           6.95 / 22   You could drink this one all day & all night.

TORRONTES  Santa Julia, Argentina                                   7.50 / 25 Fresh, light, and balanced with great finesse make this a perfect companion for you and your food.

 Albariño   Kentia, Spain                                                       8.25 / 27  Young elegant wine with expressive aromas and sensations of ripe fruit,  mineral notes, and citrus against an herbaceous background. Tasty, complex, powerful and full-bodied, with a vibrant acidity adding freshness.  Different from anything else we have…. Are you curious yet?

VERDEJO  *Niki’s Choice!*  Arindo, Spain                           8.25 / 27    An irresistibly well-balanced white that gives a glassful of fruity flavors with a deep, zesty finish.  This wine knows a lot.

SAUVIGNON BLANC   Pomelo, Napa Valley                          7.50 / 25     Crisp and cheerful with citrus hints and subtle flavors of pear & melon.     A happy table wine.

   VIOGNIER   Cono Sur, Chili                                                   7.95 / 26     Such a well-rounded wine, everyone loves it – really!   Fresh floral aromatics, smooth with a persistent finish.


Savor our Reds…

HOUSE RED  Tempranillo,  Protocolo, Spain                        6.95/ 22    You could drink this one all day & all night.

FIELD BLEND  Raymond R Collection, California                  7.95 / 26     This blend beautifully brings together 7 grape varietals: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Petite Syrah, Sangiovese & Pinot Noir.  Now that’s a mouthful!  A stand out wine.

BONARDA   La Posta, Spain                                                 9.25 / 32  This wine is elegant and complex with lively black fruit flavors and delicate oak accents. A seriously good table wine. Go for it!

CARMENERE  Gato Negro, Chile                                             7.25 / 24          A unique Chilean blend (90%Carmenere& 10% Cabernet Sauvignon) that is almost black in color, with hints of exotic spices and a long velvety finish.     A great value!

MALBEC   Santa Julia Reserva, Argentina                              8.95 / 32           If you love Malbecs, you’ve gotta get this one – it’s GORGEOUS

CRIANZA TEMPRANILLO   Marqués de Chivé, Spain             7.50 / 25                    Over the top sexy from start to finish. Get it, pour it,                     savor and enjoy…. 


And DON’T be afraid of our PINKS!

We love rosés and love turning you on to them too! It is with pleasure that we give you the best dry rosé selection in town year round….  XOXO

 House Rosé   Rosé of Tempranillo  Protocolo, Spain           6.95 / 22   Could drink this one all day and all night.

   Rosé of Carmenere   Alpatagua, Chile                                  6.95 / 22                Brilliant and clean, light floral notes with hints of citrus & subtle spice        – it’s fresh and dry in the mouth with a medium body and a long finish.

 Rosé of Pinot d’Aunis    Touraine, France                             7.95 / 26           This dry pink Pinot, slightly spicy with a vague hint of pepper, is a pale, pretty-in-pink rosé, just begging you to pour a chilled glass to enjoy with dinner.

 Rosé of Grenache   Borsao, Spain                                     7.25 / 24     Dark pink luminescent color.   Strong berry fragrance. Very fresh in the mouth. Floral nuances and spices. What’s not to love?

Rosé blend - Syrah & Mouvedré  Jean Luc Columbo, France  7.95 / 26     Subtle and full of finesse, surprisingly complex with notes of raspberries, fresh cherry, black olive and fennel. Yes! It’s lovely!


Sparkling Wines and Champagne Cocktails

Tropical Mimosas                                                      7.50 each            Champagne with your choice of our tropical juices, Mango, Guava or Guanabana.

    Champagne Mojitos                                                   8.75 each                 Made with love, using fresh mint, Champagne, fresh lime juice and our homemade secret ingredient.   Refreshing and delicious!

Rosé Prosecco, Italy *Niki’s Choice!*                                  8.95 / 32             A sparkling rosé, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Delightfully dry, it’s lighter than champagne, and it’s pale PINK making it the perfect choice before your meal to wash away the day.

Sparkling Torrontes, Argentina                                          9.50 / 34                     Here is a new sparkler with very small bubbles, excellent acidity, & notes of honeysuckle, rose petal and orange blossom. This rare wine is noticeably sweet & bubbly in a celebratory kind of way!


After Dinner

       MAVRODAPHNE – Greek dessert wine                      7.95                     Nectar of the Gods. Beautiful. This is our sweet for the sweets!               Enjoy for dessert.




                                                                 INEDIT by Estrella              18.00 bottle

              This Spanish beer comes in a 750ml bottle and is made specifically to be paired with Latin food.                            Served in wine glasses, it’s a very special treat for you beer lovers to enjoy together!                                      *Niki’s Choice!*

Our other imported Beers  5.25 bottle

Carta Blanca, Negra Modelo, Bohemia or Red Stripe